Old Age: Root & Ginger

Last year I took a little vacation to San Francisco and brought back with me a bottle of Root that I found at a specialty liquor store. Root is a Philadelphia liqueur brewed by Art in the Age, an artist collective that believes in "high quality work marked by fine craft and intellectual rigor". For a bit of history, root tea was made by Native Americans and the recipe was passed along to early American settlers. It had kick but when the Temperance Movement gained popularity and wanted to keep coal miners sober on the job, the non-alcoholic root beer we know today was born. Art in the Age wanted to go back and create a recipe based on the historical bevy and thus Root was born.

It's a blend of birch bark, wintergreen sugarcane, sassafras and a bunch of other wild roots and herbs. It's 80 proof and organic and has nothing in common with those sickly sweet root beer flavoured vodkas that are around today. While their website has a variety of recipes you can make, I've found the one that I like the best. Root and ginger. I used Fentimans ginger ale here, but good old Canada Dry also makes for a perfect summer sipper. But remember, this packs a powerful punch, so sip carefully!

Root and Ginger
2 oz Root
4 oz Ginger Beer
lime wedge (optional)

Pour Root over ice and top with ginger beer. Stir. Garnish with a lime wedge, if desired.


Vancouverite, foodie, crafty, freelance designer, Jeannette Ordas from the popular food blog, Everybody Likes Sandwiches joins us every Wednesday enticing us with her hearty and simple recipes!

Jan Halvarson


cinco lobitos said...

Mmmmmm... it looks good, but here, in spain, it isn`t easy buy this kind of things... :(

Alex Snowdon said...

Mmm, I love ginger beer! great artwork too!

Annika said...

This stuff sounds delicious and the bottle is so pretty! I also love Fentimans sodas, I often buy a bottle as a lunch treat.

Alia said...
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Pinecone Camp said...

I'm laughing as I read this, as the word "root" means something quite rude in Australia. I would love to get that poster for my husband ;)
Thanks for the more polite story of Root, Jeanette! Root and Ginger sounds so good!
Have a good day!

brandeye said...

they also make snap, which is delicious in the fall/winter with apple cider.

Dan said...

ROOT makes me so happy to live in Philadelphia. I think I've tried every cocktail on the fold-out card, and during the fall and winter I like to mix it with some fresh apple cider and maple syrup. It's also pretty good in coffee!