The New Little Paper Planes

For as long as this blog has been around and even a little longer, Little Paper Planes has been a site I've come to know and love. It's always shone through the vast number of art sites out there as a little gem for finding new work from some of the most talented artists out there. Kelly Lynn Jones with her strong background in curating and gallery culture has created a unique place to find cutting edge art with a keen interest in supporting the art world and bringing a greater awareness to the field.

And today, seven years later, Little Paper Planes launches a new website, where they are now curating online exhibitions. The first one is called, "Series Circuit". You can find out more here. They are still featuring two artists a month. Their first June feature is Michael Swaney. You can find his interview here. You can find the nine LPP exclusive prints here. Plus they now have product lookbooks. Their first one is Summer Lovin'. It's a way to help you navigate through products under a theme and they even have songs with every product for this one! You can view it here. They also now have two new features. Curated Walls explores different people's art collections and In the Everyday highlights that art is not just on our walls but is everywhere.

Congrats Little Paper Planes!

Jan Halvarson

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Kelly Lynn Jones said...

thanks so much for your sweet words!