Amy Rice Letterpress/Sign Press Contest (of sorts)

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Artist Amy Rice bought a 1940’s Line-o-Scribe Letterpress/ Sign Press at an antique sale last fall. She also bought a bunch of antique atlases for art making about the same time and it turned out they were a great size and weight for the press. The idea of song lyrics about place/ travel/ journey on maps was exciting for her because it fits in thematically with her other work, and because she loves music.

Here's where you come in (and the contest): Amy has created a certain criteria for her song lyric map prints which you can read here. If you can suggest to her a song lyric to go with this series and she uses it, she will mail you one of the prints for free on the state or country of your choosing. You may leave your suggestion at her flickr or her Amy Rice Art Face Book Page:!/pages/Amy-Rice- Click here for more info.

Jan Halvarson


Amy Rice said...

Thank you!!!

makool said...

Amy Rice is made of awesome! She inspires me!