Weekend Project: Bake a Beet Cake

I absolutely love this video by Tiger in a Jar, a creative studio run by husband and wife duo, Matt and Julie. They make videos, plan parties and hunt far and wide for amazing vintage decor. Click here to get the accompanying recipe (and a larger version of the video). Have a great weekend and long weekend (if you're visiting from the U.S.)! Via Muse Per Gioco.

Jan Halvarson


Maureen said...

That video is mesmerizing!!! Beautiful!

amberlee said...

What a beautiful little piece of art, i loved watching it, now to make the cake.

casapinka said...

This almost makes me brave enough to bake this. I wish I didn't despise beets. Just gorgeous.

Jessalin said...

omg... I love beet cake, or muffins/cupcakes. I make it vegan with canola oil and no eggs and it is sooooo good. Surprisingly so - totally try it, even if you don't like beets, it is a completely different experience :)

BaldyLocks said...

I've watched this over and over. It's just so peaceful and beautiful.

Unknown said...

Oh My !

It is as soothing as a daily dose spent in a yoga studio
So beautiful !

Music is wonderful and relaxing.

I think I will get addicted to their videos...!

Merci Jan,


Anonymous said...

How very strange! I just made that recipe and I should have divided it between two cake pans as it ran all over my oven and racks. What a mess! Don't know how it tastes yet. No way should that have been put in one pan...and I certainly should have known better than to try it! Argh!