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Styling - Margot Austin, Photography - Michael Graydon for Style at Home (July 2011)

I'm busy behind the scenes today trying finish our June Lookbook which I hope to have out tomorrow - and so in the meantime I leave you with this lovely photo from the July issue of Style at Home and a few links:

I wish I was here right now.
This cake is like a painting (via Cafe Cartolina)
I'm loving these grey shutters
Ready to get baked?
A great post on participating in the National Stationery Show from beginning to end.
In case you missed it, we've chimed in on the UO debaucle.


Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Lovely links, I especially like the one about Stockholm! Have a wonderful week! Yours, Theresa

annamaria potamiti said...

Oh yes, that cake is a work of Art!!And I had already been melting with delight over their Copenhagen posts, now I am just trying to figure out how I can do this journey myself sometime soon!
Thank you for all the interesting links!!

Cherish said...

Great photo!

Pinecone Camp said...

I wish I was in Stockholm right this minute too!
Love the gray shutters and the entire kitchen.
That cake is crazy! So beautiful.
Are you ready to get "baked"? ;) Thanks for the mention!
I've got to read your thoughts on the U.O. mess now. Pretty nuts.
Have a great day Jan!

Anonymous said...

Bottle+water+plants= precioso!

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