DIY: Cinco De Mayo Streamers

A fun and colourful idea for Cinco de Mayo, Dana at Made created these festive multi-colored and ruffled streamers to help kick off the summer series over at Delia Creates and Kojo Designs, called COLOR my SUMMER Go here for a full tutorial.  (Via

Jan Halvarson


Amy - Pride of Place said...

I absolutely love bright colours against grey and white. This is cheerful all the way :)

Anastasia said...

Ah yes tissue paper flowers and streamers. The stuff of every first grader in San Antonio!

I love them! If you use whites and really pale colors it's great for a low lit backyard party or a window side craft space or something. Maybe I say that just because the traditional Fiesta colors (I guess that's what you can call them) are stigmatized for me hur dur

Susana Meza said...

streamers and buntings and garlands and everything colourful and hang-able is just wonderful against a naked wall!