Collecting Collections: Kontor Kontor

Contributor post by Lisa Congdon

Hi everyone!

I'm a link collector, are you? And *surprise surprise* many of my links have to do with collections and collecting.

One of the best links I've added to my collection lately is from Kontor Kontor , a design agency in Gothenburg Sweden. They are a full service agency, offering graphic design, product design and interior design. The women at the agency met at HDK School of Design and Crafts at University of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenberg. Cool, no?

As the visual imagery on their website, they've pulled together several fantastic "color collections" arranged on an imaginary grid. I love this kind of arrangement (also how I arranged my collections in my Collection a Day project.) So visually appealing and satisfying! I could look at these images all day long! Sort of reminds me of Anthony Zinonos' Found Colours . I know there are other artists who've also done gorgeous work with color collections (if you know of any, please leave their names in the comments!).

The women from Kontor Kontor have a lovely shop with some hand screened tea towels too.

I'll be back next month with something new! Stay tuned.


Lisa Congdon is an artist, author and prolific collector of old and unusual things, including bits of nature, and surrounds herself with these things in her home and studio. In 2010 she chronicled all of her collections in her Collection A Day 2010 Project. That project is now a book, published in March 2011.


Jan Halvarson


Ethereal said...

I love organising things by color!! When you are visual type person it seems to make more sense than any other way!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Organizing by color is particularly satisfying.

Great collections!

katalin said...


i love this collection as well, maybe you could interested in really love this page!


Nicomi Nix Turner said...

I've seen a lot of "collection" photographers, but I really enjoy the color coordination and styling of these ones.

The mix of feminine with common items is really neat, too.

annie said...

Oh! there are a lot of us as i see..
yeey color organising! away chaos

Susana Meza said...

this post makes me want to get up and clap clap clap, beautiful, so inspiring

Present and Correct said...

One of the ladies at KK had a grandfather who owned an old stationery shop, and this is where most of the lovely items came from. Such amazing collections.

Hannah said...

So beautiful!

Nichole at is a photographer and she takes color-themed photos in Paris. They are amazing.

memakestuff said...

so cool!!!! there are lots of times i fall in love with some little thing and bring it home, unsure of what to do with it...this gives me ideas! thank you.