Affordable Art (PM Edition): Matte Stephens

Matte Stephens is a 36 year old artist that lives in Upstate NY. His work is pretty well-known online, but he always comes up with something fresh and new for us to marvel at. Matte loves modern design and is inspired by anything Charles and Ray Eames, Alexander Girard, George Nelson/Irving Harper and artists like Ben Shahn and Paul Klee. Matte's client list is to die for from Herman Miller to Sunset Magazine.  More to see on the web:

poppytalk handmade:  matte stephens

Jan Halvarson


b said...

i am digging the image of the freeway roads above the trees. :)

Karen Roderick said...

I am ashamed to say this is the first time I have heard of the artist, however, the work is fresh and original so I am sure I will recognise it in the future.

Krista Vossler said...

so glad to see that matte is getting some internet love. i've loved his prints since registering for some for my baby's room!

Jenny said...

cute! I really like the Seattle print.

c and d said...

ohh, i like these. i'm saturated in the 'mad men' series right now, so this work is very appealing to me!


Matte Stephens is one of my favorite illustrators. I have one of his prints hanging in my home. So talented!