Spring Colours Week (Tuesday | Yellow)

Spring Tree Embroidery
A Lovely World

A few pretty yellows to kick off our tuesday morning at Spring Colours Week. Feel free to join in any day this week, even if it's just one. Visit the flickr pool and enjoy! I'll be back later on in the day with more!

 poppytalk spring colours / yellow
tuulikki titine


yellow egg with feather

Jan Halvarson


MondaysMilk said...

I like the 'feathered' egg! I'm also bussy fot Easter, made some little 'cat hats' come and see.

Margie Oomen said...

i am so happy that maribeth, a lovely world, joined in for the color week so that more people get an opportunity to discover her lovely world.

Lovely World said...

Thank you so much for posting my embroidery. I am so happy to be included. And thank you Margie for your kind words. XO Maribeth

Jill Franklin said...

awww...I love that treeeee...
Well I love them all, but the tree is so so pretty.

Lily said...

Yellow is my favorite ! Love the egg with the white feather.


Anonymous said...

i did my yellow-love yesterday with my ♥ much love monday ♥ post...
check it out:

Anonymous said...

Tuesday is my favorite day, and yellow is my favorite color! Very happy to see these beautiful pictures. It made my day! Thanks xo