Needle Felted Peeps

Seriously, how cute are these needle felted peeps? Los Angeles-based crafter, Megan Andersen can teach you how to make them if you're in her area this weekend at the Urban Craft Center. Click here for more details and here for more super sweet eye candy. (Via Craftzine).

Update: Megan will be creating a PDF for those of us who aren't in the LA area - check her blog for the update.

Jan Halvarson


Michelle said...

Those ARE cute!

Our Youth said...

aww :)

radmegan said...

OMG I'm honored! Thank you so much for featuring these!

If anyone is interested, I *am* working on PDF instructions for people who can't attend the Santa Monica class... I just can't figure out how to post that info in the Craftzine comments :D

Thanks again Jan!!

Jan Halvarson said...

Oh awesome Megan, that would be great! I will add that to the post!

Efrat Deutsch said...

Oh so cute! Good luck choosing just one color :)


Anonymous said...

cute cute cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh my LORD these might be the cutest things I've ever seen in my life!!!

Sara Eaker said...

If you aren't subscribed to RadMegan's blog DO IT NOW. She is amazing!

radmegan said...

Hi Jan,

Just so your readers know, I've posted the PDF instructions in my Etsy store here:

Happy Peep-making friends!!


Amanda said...

We're definitely having bean burgers for dinner tonight! and I think I'll try out some peeps when we do some Easter crafting this weekend. Thanks!