Lavender Summary (Spring Colours Week)

Row 1: sweetmyrtle, Janis Nicolay, Hey LadyGrey, myhideaway, knitalatte11, boo21smom
Row 2: miss_ikomi, miss_ikomi, 74 Lime Lane, Cozy Memories, mikomiao, puglypixel
Row 3: Alix!, yarnattacks, Alix!, mama-pan, On That Day, Janis Nicolay
Row 4: jek in the box, jek in the box, sushipot, the fabled needle, Tamar Haytayan, David.L1

A beauty of a day. I love lavender don't you? Thanks to everyone who's participatng. So amazing! See more here!

Jan Halvarson


lost + found said...

what a perfect shade for spring!! lovely!

Anonymous said...

always in such great company :)
thank you so so much, Jan
have a great end of the week ! xoxo

la.daridari said...

really romantic!

Pinecone Camp said...

I'm thinking I love lavender best this week. Thanks for including my pics in this pretty collage, Jan.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thank you for joining in ladies!