Houseproud? Want to be on TV?

Be first in line for possible participation in a new show for HGTV Canada!

Does your house, condo or apartment have an awesome interior thanks to your fantastic decorating skills? Have you created something out of the ordinary? Or weird and wonderful? Perhaps you've put your heart and soul into a major renovation project? If you answered yes to any of the above, you and your home should be on a fun new show from Proper Television. If selected to appear on the show, you could win $1000!

Types of homes and interiors needed: Size doesn’t matter. Your home can be a cozy cottage, a slick condo or a monster home. Its decor can be eclectic, eccentric, minimalist, modern, shabby chic or over-the-top baroque. There's really no right or wrong...apart from one rule: no professionally designed or decorated homes. Proper Television wants to hear about YOUR property masterpieces - from quirky conversions and fantastic period properties to the truly unique!

If you live in Southern Ontario and think your home is something special - they want to hear from you. Just email the following to by May 13, 2011:

* A short description of you and your home
* A picture of you (jpeg if possible)
* Up to 5 pictures of your home (jpegs if possible)
* A daytime telephone number
* Video isn't necessary at this point but if you insist, please upload to YouTube and send the link.

Jan Halvarson

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