Canadian luxury fashion retailer, Holt Renfrew has just unveiled a series of seven ROLLOUT designs that serve as the main prop within their store visuals and window displays to support their fashion themes. The Holt Renfrew store branding incorporates ROLLOUT custom wallpaper, typography, fashion elements, 3D components, and little bits of whimsy, which can now be experienced in nine stores across Canada. Anjo Soria Loots, National Visual Coordinator at Holt's, speaks about the collaboration with ROLLOUT: "The idea of wallpaper came up while we were working on a display idea for Holt Renfrew, and ROLLOUT quickly came to mind. We knew that they could do amazing custom designs for us since they had previously approached us with their work, and soon, the project was born." More info about the collaboration here. Photos: Deryck Lewis


Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Such a wonderful campaign. I love well made shopping windows! Seriously!

samantha ramage said...

such a clever idea. i love the classics window best.


Lisa ONeill said...

I want - I want - I want!!!!!

NOTyourrunofthemill said...

I had the opportunity to see the Holt windows in person this past weekend. Alas I did not bring my camera.
Thank you for this post.

Anita Modha said...

Hi Poppytalk! Just wanted to say thank you for posting our work, we really appreciate your doing so.

Thanks from Anita

film is fashion said...

great inspiration. i don't see many blogs writing about visual merchandizing, and my job is moving in that direction, so talking about this at work will make me sound smart :)

following you now!


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I shot this image, with this man walking in front of the display.

I love their window displays...always.

Erika@placebolife said...

beautiful VM campaign! haven't been to holt renfrew for too long! kinda miss toronto, specially now the hong kong weather is getting all humid and sticky :)