Global Pecha Kucha Night - Inspire Japan

Janis and I attended the Global Pecha Kucha Night - Inspire Japan last night which was hosted by producer's Steven and Jane Cox of Cause+Affect  and held at The Cascade Room here in Vancouver. 

Presenters were:
Michael GreenMcFarlane | Green | Biggar Architecture
Linus LamArchitecture for Humanity Vancouver
TODD MACALLENMolo Design Studio
DAVE OLSONStory Maker / Writer / Prodcuer

Michael Green (McFarlane | Green | Biggar Architecture) built an installation for the outside of the Cascade (see image below). It's based on the Shinto tradition of Ema where people write their wish on a wood board and hang it up. All attendees were handed a piece to write their wish for Japan on to hang outside on the string provided after the event. He also had some good environmental solutions to building with respect to the use of wood versus cement and solar power versus nuclear power. See a video of the presentations here

The Vancouver event raised $1000 (in one hour) for Architecture for Humanity Rebuild Japan Plans.  You can also continue to donate online by clicking on the big DONATE button at the top of their site, or by PRE-ORDERING ($20) an e-book they are producing which will include all the posters made for the event globally here (bottom of page). All profits will go to  Architecture for Humanity and ArchiAid.

 All images by Cause+Affect Design Ltd.'s photostream.

Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

It was a fun night, Jan. Great speakers! Wish I had that pizza now.
I love your pics!

Malia said...

The bacon smelled so good... Wish the format could have been extended to 30 x 30 or something since there were only 4 presenters, though! I wanted to hear more about what they had to say.