Weekend Gardening: Super Cool tools

With spring finally upon us, thoughts of gardening are starting to sprout and I just had to share a couple cool garden things with you.  I'm absolutely bananas over this potato planter bag (have you seen it yet)?   It's a reusable planter for growing potatoes (great for patios, balconies and small gardens like we have). With handles on the side for easy handling, the velcro flap on the side opens up so you don't have to dig up the potatoes when they're ready to harvest. Just open the flap and voila ($9.99).

And how fun would it be to have a time lapse plant cam? Watch your garden grow in fast-forward; the camera is weatherproof and automatically takes photos and videos at set time intervals. You can also use it for other things such as bird watching, events, etc. So fun.

(Via the Marilyn Denis Show)

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

and how super
is that camera
not normally
a great
i want it


Unknown said...

I love that potato bag! perfect for small gardens!! (and lazy gardeners like me)

silverpebble said...

OK, I officialy want one of those cameras. I could gather evidence: little ones burgling the strawberries, pigeons scoffing the lettuce. It would be like garden CSI.

M.o.Mod said...

Such a good segment yesterday - I wanted them all.

sMacThoughts said...

OH my gosh. That time lapsed cam is the perfect idea for my master gardener brother who has a birthday coming up. So glad I saw this post. (And the potato bag makes me giggle; how great!)

Jan Halvarson said...

silverpebble - so true! who's been stealing my veggies?

Anonymous said...

Jan-what are those flowers in the third pic?

GORGEOUS...I'd love to try planting some!
(I have 'juglone' issues around here, tho....)


Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Treena,

Not sure. Hard to tell isn't it? Almost looks like two different kinds.



rcboisjoli said...

Flowers in the third picture are, i'd guess, Zinnias

Jan Halvarson said...

rcboisjoli - thank you!

nicole said...

i NEED that potato planter. NEED. ok WANT.

DesignsbyElenaMarie said...

My weekend gardening involves pruning and pulling some weeds...not fun!