Raymond Biesinger

Guest Post by Amy Johnson of Puces POP

As curators for  Puces POP we're always excited to find new and inspiring artists in our own town. One of the great things about living in Montreal is that it acts like a magnet for creativity, which means there's a constant flow of artistic types migrating to the city. Raymond Biesinger is one of those people, having recently transplanted from Edmonton to La Belle Province.

Raymond's illustrations caught our eye right away with their high contrast and bold graphic presence, he has quickly become a Puces POP favorite. No stranger to the world of craft fairs, Raymond was the organizer behind Edmonton's long running Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair . If Raymond's Illustrations looks familiar it's probably because he's been printed in just about everything you can imagine; from Nylon and Dwell to The New York Times and The Globe & Mail. For more on Raymond's work visit fifteen.ca.

Guest Post by Amy Johnson & Marilis Cardinal of Puces POP
Puces Pop Craft Fair
March 5th & 6th at L'Eglise St-Enfant Jesus, Montreal, Quebec

Jan Halvarson


Erika said...

I would definitely like to have this bicycle poster on my wall!

Pinecone Camp said...

These are incredible. I love the last one, especially.

supayana said...

i love that last one as well! :-)