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Contributor post by Will Bryant

Quite Unique is a new daily deals site that features handmade products from all types of artists and crafters. Each day you might just find something rad at a discount price on the site. Some recent items include organic coffee, cupcake ones, Tie Your Shoes Poster, Lil' Guy Neckties, letterpress prints, and baby flash cards (be sure to check out their past deals section as some of these are still available).

It just so happens that my desk neighbor here at Public School is the curator and partner of Quite Unique. Does this make me biased? Perhaps, it could also be the fact that Cody Haltom has been cooking up designs for the site as well.

Regardless, today several of my prints are featured on their latest installment of the site, called the Pop Up Shop. This features several products from one artist and is separate from their Daily Deal.

This is a great way to engage an entirely new demographic as well as empty your flat files/stockroom of older work. If you're interested in selling your work, give em a shout!

Jan Halvarson

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kickpleat said...

I was super excited about this - until I realized that it's only for the US. Hopefully it will work for Canada & internationally too! Great idea, though.