Loretta Flower

Contributor post by Will Bryant

My friend Mary Kathryn is a young lady with style and ambition. She recently started her on own floral design studio called Loretta Flower.

The name Loretta Flower comes from her favorite Townes Van Zandt song, Loretta.

Currently she works out of a studio in her house in south Austin, but is hoping to open a shop/studio of some sort in 2012.

Miss Mary Kathryn creates arrangements/bouquets/garlands/you name its for weddings and events, as well as weekly arrangements for many businesses here in town (Congress, East Side Showroom, Hotel St Cecilia). You can purchase her dried arrangements at one of my favorite shops in town, Spartan and of course you could get your very own custom arrangement delivered to your door!

More on Loretta Flower:

- blog
- Facebook
- website

Jan Halvarson


b said...

gorgeous arrangements. i am excited to see her future beautiful creations!

Maggi said...

Wow! These flowers are exquisite. Thanks for sharing these :) I'm also going to add them to my pinterest site:


Loretta Flower said...

Thanks Will and Jan and thanks for the lovely feedback! So flattered to be in such good company!

Anonymous said...

These arrangements are breathtaking. I'll be making a visit the next time I'm in Austin!