Icy Quick: Cherry Chocolate Coconut Frozen Yogurt

I've been very happy to count the number of kitchen appliances I've got on one hand. I really believed that my Kitchen Aid mixer in a lovely pistachio green shade (a fantastic wedding present) and my vintage beehive Oster blender that I bought for $4 at a thrift store were my only kitchen "must haves". But then a food processor entered into my life by way of Christmas, and then an ice cream maker was purchased at a garage sale.

This ice cream maker has me smitten. I mean who doesn't love ice cream at a moment's notice? Well, that can be dangerous. But when you can whip up some frozen yogurt in 20 minutes flat, life does seem to get more interesting.

I use greek yogurt because it's so thick and creamy – though if you have regular yogurt, I imagine you could just skip the added buttermilk. I used my favorite coconut yogurt which is sweetened, but if you're using a plain unsweetened kind, add in some honey and taste it until it's at the sweetness you prefer.

The good stuff comes from the tasty mix-ins: freshly toasted coconut, chocolate chips roughly chopped because the texture is way better that way (trust me) and some chopped frozen cherries I had from last summer.

This is best eaten up right away. Leftovers can be frozen, but in order to eat it you'd have to pick at it with a knife to pull out the frozen chunks with your fingers. Or you could just pour the mixture into popsicle molds and eat it that way. You know, options.

Cherry Chocolate Coconut Frozen Yogurt
1 container of coconut or vanilla greek yogurt
1/3 cup buttermilk
2 tablespoon toasted coconut
2 tablespoon chocolate chips, chopped
1/4 cup frozen cherries, chopped

Mix together the yogurt and buttermilk and then add the mixture to your ice cream maker and process for 15 minutes. Add in the remaining ingredients and process for another five minutes. When it's all combined and the texture looks good, stop mixer and serve immediately.

By Jeannette Ordas of Everybody likes Sandwiches

Jan Halvarson


Danielle said...

I've been thinking about getting the Ice Cream maker attachment for my stand mixer. Now I have to get it so I can make this. It looks delicious.

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said...

yum, yum, yum! those ingredients sound like heaven... now, if only i could customize this to be dairy-free.. hm! :)

Anonymous said...

I've never wanted an ice cream maker until now. yum!

Peggy said...

You know I had one of these ice cream makers years ago and HATED it (mine was white and a much older model.) But then my sister-in-law got one identical to yours and I love it! It always seems to come out the perfect consistency. We are still somewhat mystified and can on think it has something to do with recipes and maybe the difference in the newer machines.

Did yours come out with a creamy texture? Or was it somewhat crystalline? Thanks a ton as we are trying to decide what to do!

Oh what type of food processor do you have? Is it something you would recommend. I love mine but it has some years on it and has begun to die a slow death. It still works most of the time but I know it is only a matter of time.

iva yaneva said...

I remember my mom got an ice-cream maker when I was a kid and I was beyond excited (and so was my whole family for that matter) but it just didn't work very well. So, we used it once or twice and then put it in the basement. I'm not even sure we still have it. But I am dying to find it right now :))

I love having yogurt for breakfast (the Bulgarian one without any added flavor). I add fruits and honey to it, sometimes nuts as well. I am wondering if this could work if I just froze it? Perhaps not.. :)

kickpleat said...

Peggy, the frozen yogurt out of the machine has a very creamy texture - I've also tried making an ice cream version without eggs and it also had a great texture too. However, like I mentioned it does freeze hard - so it's best eaten up the same day you make it.

Iva, you can make popsicles - just stir your yogurt up with any additions and freeze in a popsicle mold!

Joanne said...

So glad to hear you're enjoying your ice cream maker! Your cherry-chocolate-coconut fro-yo sounds amazing! I have the same ice cream maker in white that I picked up from an ad on Craigslist a few years ago. I haven't made any ice-cream so far this year. Just waiting for it to get a bit warmer. But when I do make some, I'll be coming back to this recipe.

Christen said...

In the places where I buy Greek yogurt, it comes in containers of many sizes. What size container did you use for this recipe?

kickpleat said...

Christen, I used a 500g container, but any size should do, just adjust the amounts of add-ins. Go by taste and preference and you'll be smiling.

Just Me said...

This sounds so yummy!

Eileen said...

Sounds excellent--I know what I'll be making once the weather gets a little warmer (& in CA, that means...next week?). Now I just have to find space in the freezer for the ice cream maker bowl.