Dispatches From Montreal: Puces Pop

Contributor post by Michelle Carangi of Holley&Gill

Art prints by Carococo

If you ever find yourself in Montreal and have a penchant for original handmade goods, visiting a Puces Pop Market is a must for you. With over 80 artists this spring edition, there was no shortage of creative and original work to peruse and admire. From jewelry, to prints, to baked goodies and even a taco booth, there was something for everyone.

I had a chance to chat with many of the artists there and truly feel that Montreal is a city brimming with talent and couldn’t be happier to know that markets like Puces Pop exist to showcase them all.

The lovely ladies in charge, Amy Johnson & Marilis Cardinale of Puces Pop

Illustrations by Bess Callard of English Muffin

Lace designs by Tamara Bavdek of This Ilk
Old Weston Handmade Wonders by Kalpna Patel

Nea Jewelry and Wall Wear

Photography prints by Francesca Tallone

Ecological felt cases by C Comme Ca
Plushies by Velvet Moustache

Art Nouveau inspired pieces by Eugénie Bee

Ceramic Art by Marie-Andrée Roberge

Art prints byCarococo

Jan Halvarson


Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade said...
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Jessika (Oh My! Handmade) said...

Such a lovely post Michelle & Poppytalk! I am now even more sorry that I missed this great event-it's so close too, next time I'll have to adventure to Montreal to check it out. Thank for the beautiful eye candy this Sunday afternoon-beautiful!

Pinecone Camp said...

I love so many of those framed prints in the first shot. Michelle this is a great post. I want to check out everything you've shared here.

Erika said...

This market is amazing, so many great items!

Noémie said...

No!!!! The only time I choose to not participate and you come that edition!! I would have love to meet you Jan!!

((((Annie)))) said...

I missed it. Next Puces Pop, I'll be there. Thanks for the post.