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jennifer squires

I don't know about you, but when there is so much "not so good stuff" happening in the world (like the earthquake in New Zealand, Libya unrest, etc.) it's hard to focus. Focusing on art and design seems so - I don't know - trivial, when I stack it against the problems others have to endure. But then I realize that art has a true purpose in this sometimes upside down world.

It's there to help us. I turn to art and design (and music) a lot when things aren't looking good (like many of you do I'm sure). I find the beauty in it distracts me, helps me focus, making me stronger. Making things does the same. And I imagine a baker or a person who is doing something they love feels the same way. Art makes us stronger, it keeps us calm and helps us make the right decisions. So don't feel bad if you are a maker of things when the world or your neighbourhood is in disarray, your work inspires, distracts, heals and helps us see the light –hope. And don't feel bad if you are enjoying art when others suffer, it is helping us help others.

Related: To help friends in Christchurch, NZ if you wish to donate, The Salvation Army has things set up here.

Jan Halvarson


kara rane said...

it is exactly when the Human world is wrong that we need art to remind us of that on Earth which is right- thank you to all who work towards good, for art, for life,,

BaldyLocks said...

Than you so much for this wise post. I'm an artist working on my art shows and I often wonder if I should keep going.

Reading this makes my focus feel stronger.

Unknown said...

When you are doing something you love, like making art, you are putting good out into the world, and every bit of positive energy unleashed helps in some way.

Jan Halvarson said...

So true Bobbi!

Unknown said...

I completely agree, but I also think art has another incredibly important function too, and that is to record these terrible events from the perspective of real people living through them, and not just a journalistic view.

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

So true! Celebrating the beauty in the world IS important.