On the Radar

Boston Terrier Cushion, H&M., Grandma's Kitchen Towel,Anthropologie, Canadian Wool Blankets, Old Faithful, Steele Canvas Laundry Cart, Old Faithful,  Roswewood Cheese Knife, Old Faithful, Buff Bay Placemat, Anthropologie, Jason Polan framed art, West Elm

Jan Halvarson


Craftcherry said...

Love that kitchen towel! How pretty!

Suzanne said...

The pillow with the cute dog on it is so pretty!

Jan Halvarson said...

suzanne - i know i love that pillow!
cerise - isn't it?

LizlovesVintage said...

I just found you!!
Loads of inspiration here.

andrea of ffft said...

Isn't it hilarious what can look amazing on a pillow? I always think of what people would have said in my grandmother's day... "Oh Thelma, that pillow is lovely, what wonderful stitching you do... have you ever considered putting a terrier on it instead of roses?"

LOL... I adore the towel as well... does Anthro ever do anything wrong?