Last Call for Submissions - Mad March Market - Deadline March 1st/11

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As it does every month, the deadline for submissions for Poppytalk Handmade always catches me by surprise and today is the last day for submissions. So since I forgot to post that, I will leave the last day till next Tuesday, to let most everyone catch this post. Mad March is upon us, a new market theme we're trying out, which basically is "anything goes" and it's a short one (19 days vs the regular 26). We've also cut the price for this one to make up for the smaller time period and to give new people the opportunity to try us out if they didn't which to pay the full price ($43 for new participants vs $60 and $33 for returnees)!

If you're interested in the opportunity to help brand your handmade or vintage goods, and think your work would be a good fit in our "curated" market, please submit by emailing us here with the words "Mad March" in the subject line. The deadline is now open till Tuesday, March 1st, 2011!

Poppytalk Handmade is a place to "brand" your product. We've designed our site as an advertising vehicle for the indie culture. We believe it's a great way to introduce and launch new shops and/or new product lines or keep your shop name and product in the limelight. Click here to find out how our market works, here for testimonials from our participants and here to read our recent press clippings.

Jan Halvarson

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Pinecone Camp said...

That is one cute print.
Have a lovely Saturday Jan!