Dispatches From Sweden

Contributor post by Elisabeth Dunker of Fine Little Day

Not every birthday party they've had, but some of them,the kids have wanted to have a masquerade or a theme at the party.

These are photos from my daughters birthday party last year when she had a party with what I think, has been the best theme so far - "old men". 

It was a very successful party filled with old/young girls men eating candy. A couple of more photos here.

Jan Halvarson


Eliz said...

So much more fun than all that princess crap! Love it.e

MagicMarkingsArt said...

My thoughts echo those of Eliz! I cam imagine you were pleased knowing you wouldn't be cleaning up glitter and fairy dust for weeks after the party.

La Dinette said...

Ok, where do i sign? I just want the same thing!

Cez said...

so beautiful pictures!!!!! love their way of life!!!! great post