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"Hi, Elisabeth from Fine Little Day here again. As said in my last post - I'm a fan of candy, especially eye candy candy. This post is a little tribute to another candy favorite of mine - Marianne.

Marianne is a popular pretty sweetie from Fazer in Sweden. A mint caramel filled with chocolate. Not only good tasting, but great wrapped as well. Red and white stripes, how good can it be? Simple and Pretty. (Available in blue and white stripes as well). It was finnish Artist Aimo Vuorinen who was the one who came up with the brilliant stripes idea and the name "Marianne" for the Finnish–based company.

The papers looks so nice that you almost don't want to throw them away when you have eaten the sweet. Make Design didin't, they sewed a toiletry bag out of them. (Available at Kirpputori).

Last year the talanted illustrator Sanna Annukka did a new suit for the Marianne bag. Nice, don't you think. Here, this is what the bag looked like further
back, nice that too!"

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a lovely post. I like Marianne, too, but not the candies, just the design :)
I think the wallet is from http://www.makeedesign.fi/

Hege Synøve Kolstad Evensen said...

Cool! Now I love Marianne even more:)

creAYtive said...

thanks for the great blog. I love the Marianne design and as I live in Helsinki I see it everywhere :)
Although, I found a little mistake. The Marianne toiletry bag is not made by kirpputori. They are just a retailer. They are made by makeedesign. Actually it's a friend of mine and her mom who make these. http://www.makeedesign.fi/

Elisabeth said...

Anonymous and creAYtive, thanks for the tip about Makee! What a great site :) I'll ask admin to change the toilet bag link to the right site.

Karin said...

Its a really nice posting about the Marianne Candies. Im a big fan from finland and i know the Karl Fazer is a really old brand from Finland.
Lovely Greetings

Anonymous said...

Like Karin said, Fazer and Marianne are not swedish, they are from Finland.

Nice posting anyway!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha the fingers!!

Johanna said...

I love Marianne. Not the candy really but the look of it <3 Greetings from Finalnd :) I also love this blog!

[Fazer comes from Finland, Marabou from Sweden]


Unknown said...

Great design. I love fine little day.

Elisabeth said...

That's right girls, Marianne is from Finland. But it is popular in Sweden. Yummie.

tory lynn, that makes happy :)

Pinecone Camp said...

I would try this candy because of the packaging too. Love the bag.
Have a fine little Monday!

Bantik said...

These candys are sooo good:>> and I love them on my table nice sweet decoration!

Coco Cake Land said...

so cute!!! never had marianne candies... looks like they'd be a cute addition to a red and white striped designy desserts table spread... to go with this AMAZING cake my internet cake friend rosie made: