Affordable Art: You Sentimental Idiot

You Sentinmental Idiot  is a beautiful new project by Virginia-based artist Rikkianne Van Kirk of Chakra Pennywhistle. Inspired by found materials that have a past, antique diaries are the main medium, where she hopes to make the aged pages and forgotten words current with her illustrations. Some drawings are inspired by direct quotes from the diaries while others are what Rikkianne imagined the writer would have seen.  A collector and lover of folk art and all things with history, I am most especially loving her pieces inspired by the late Margaret Kilgallen.  See more of these original drawings at her shop here and at Poppytalk Handmade here.

Jan Halvarson


Shayla said...

Yeah, I totally had to favorite her shop...sooo coool!

Unknown said...

(often also use
old handwritten journal
pages in my art)
love the idea of transforming
and layering
someone elses creative endeavor
to create something new...

Rikkianne said...

Thank you for this feature!
I feel incredibly honored to be alongside so many amazing artists in this market.

Mandy Behrens said...

Rikkianne's work is beautiful -- I feel fortunate to know her and own some of her art. Cheers!

Eva said...

These are really beautiful! Thanks for showing us. Maybe I'll buy something when I move to my new flat :)