Yeta Mimetic Eco-Hut by Flavio Galvagni

Hi There! It's Daniel and Valeria from Hindsvik Shop here to share this beautiful eco-hut from Lab Zero. The hut is made entirely of wood with tree trunks along the exterior that resemble alpine forests.

The small structure can be used as a "room with a view," a mini research lab, a mountain lodge, a meditation space or even temporary shelters in disaster-sticken areas.

The very first version features a mini kitchen plus bathroom and shower. The shell is insulated and the glass has a double-thick layer for easy use in the winter.

We love the raw wooden logs on the outside of the building and the open-concept space!

What a great little mountain lodge or summer cabin retreat this would make!

Jan Halvarson

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Alease Michelle said...

Can you say beautiful? I love this. Can I have it built in my backyard. It would make a wonderful studio. I could be inspired in this space for many many years.

I love the earthy feel of it- I just love it. Can you tell I am excited.

Thanks for sharing, Alease