Wedding No. 1: Aaron + Jay

We're kicking off our Weddings &Valentine's month here at Poppytalk with a super fun wedding to show you that took place here in Vancouver this past summer! The wedding of Aaron Brisebois & Jay Matte. The wedding was runner up for a BC Wedding Award 2010 for Best Wedding Event Planning. All images by Ophelia Photography.

Lotus Events Wedding Coordinators, Andrea and Robert Tucker helped plan the wedding with the couple who wanted something that represented their style and unique personalities. They wanted all local vendors, a lot of DIY touches, a retro feel with a mix of western style elements. As Andrea mentioned on their blog, "Think gingham table cloths, Petunia on stage, Pop Shoppe soda, tons of bunting, fresh flowers in mason jars and tons of handmade charm! "

The wedding ceremony was held at a park area located near a historic mill, (Hastings Mill) at the tip of Alma and Point Grey Road in Vancouver. The bridesmaids were dressed in black and white polka dot dresses and each had a different coloured, vintage crinoline skirt. While the groomsman wore matching white button down shirts, black pants, bow ties, white and black checkered suspenders and matching checkered sneakers.

Following the ceremony, Aaron and Jay hosted a reception at the Welsh Cambrian Hall. The reception was themed ‘Vancouver Special’ to play up the fact that everything was locally sourced and provided by local businesses.

Finger foods were served buffet style in the middle of the hall which included sushi from a restaurant (Nikkyu Sushi) across the street where the couple had their first date, vietnamese sandwiches from a local cafĂ© they frequented, the couples’ favourite doughnuts from Honeys, a Vancouver doughnut institution, green salad was made by friends using one of the bride’s favourite recipes and Coco Cake Cupcakes, a local cupcake catering company provided the cupcakes including flavours such as lemon frill, vegan coco ganache and raspberry rose. Eco friendly bamboo plates and cutlery were purchased from a store down the block for guests to use.

Hand written name tags to encourage guests to keep their glasses and reuse them throughout the festivities.

More images can be found at Ophelia Photography.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Love the bunting and cute little name tags!
looks like a fantastic wedding!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

This is so cool - I love his shirt and bow tie combo.

paullyn grace said...

i do love that photo of a woman with sunnies holding the hands of the jumping man. :D

MagicMarkingsArt said...

What a perfect post to kick off your Weddings and Valentine month. Wishing much happiness to Aaron and Jay.

LR said...

such great choice for the bridesmaid dresses. original wedding decor.

Tanya from Dans le Lakehouse said...

I love the vintage inspired elements. Great dresses!

dahlhaus said...

Absolutely fun and charming! Love the theme- everyone looks amazing!

jennilee said...

i love jay! what a beautiful wedding!

Anonymous said...

I would expect nothing less from this lovely and creative pair! xo

Theresa Williams said...

Who designed the invitations? I adore them!

lotus events inc. said...

Thanks for posting this Jan! Love this wedding.

Theresa: It was a friend of the bride and groom that designed them. Weren't they fantastic!? :)

Locomotive Clothing Co. said...

Yay thanks for featuring our wedding! We had such a great time.

Theresa, I designed the invitations myself, and our lovely friend Marijke Nap who is a printmaking artist helped us letterpress them.

This wedding was a tonne of work: 400 feet of handmade bunting (thanks, moms!), summer flowers in planters as centerpieces, locally sourced food, hand cut table covers, you name it!

If anyone has other questions, I would be happy to answer them. You can contact us through our etsy shop,