Today is Blue Day! {Winter Colour Week}

mount hood 022010

snow flakes on indigo

Maggie Marsek

A few stunning images from the Winter Colours Week today! Join the pool and upload your blues today, greens tomorrow and silver and gold on friday! Click here to see. Last I looked we had 1,370 images uploaded already and it's early Wednesday! So rad you guys!

Jan Halvarson


Eva said...

That mountain photo is beautiful! Good mix: blue and winter. :) All my photos during the winter seem to turn out super blue compared to other times of the year.

Maggie said...

My blue image on the bottom is my wedding photo. OF me (& husband) not BY me..

all credit goes to the incredible Hugh Forte..

jennifer said...

so fun, jan!

Monique said...

Thanks for posting my Turquoise Umbrella photo. I heart colour week!

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful images! I especially ove the deep hues in the last one.