Silver & Gold Day Summary {Winter Colours Week}

Well, this is it, the last post for our Winter Colours Week!  Silver and Gold was a beautiful day!  So much shimmer and shine!  The two colours really are beautiful.  Thank you to everyone who participated this week!  Almost 3,000 images were uploaded (a record I think)!  So amazing to see everyone come together as a group and create this!  You are all so inspiring, thank you! Looking forward to "Spring Colour Week"!

Row 1  NOTyourrunofthemill, NOTyourrunofthemill, mamamerkat, leeleebelle, leeleebelle, yarnattacks
Row 2  Kiersten Bree mary vican, janel m suffragette*, tina_grantham, SappyApple
Row 3  emma lamb, creatocrat, knitalatte11, orangesparrow, alphabet soup studio / lenore locken, Indianablue
Row 4  lisa s | dressform, leahgiberson, ethanollie, ninimakes, Maggie Marsek, CozyMemories

Row 5  Lizzie Staley, Lizzie Staley, emma lamb, RaeDay!RaeDay!, tiny white lights, Za Meander
Row 6  Silvia's blips, Silvia's blips, Maggie Marsek, CozyMemories, Annelie Willemijn, Annelie Willemijn
Row 7  knitalatte11, IlluminatedPerfume, pine cone camp, jek in the box, lisaclarke, val smallfry
Row 8  NoApathyAllowed, Annelie Willemijn, quercus design, Bekkah, shutterluvjess, Lizzie Staley

Jan Halvarson


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

aw Jan, it has been once again a joy & honor to take part of this ! Thank you for all the fun, and for including my photos & my friends' too.
have an awesome weekend !

silverpebble said...

These mosaics are so beautiful. What a way to start a Saturday.

Margie Oomen said...

what a golden week it was and with a silver lining of course. I love your color weeks so much and this was my first one including some macro shots which made it even more fun. Thank you!!!

la.daridari said...

this color week was so inspiring for me too... I had a lot of fun and it was an opportunity to know new blogs and people over the Internet.
I want to thank you so much, and I wait for the next color week... see you!

Jan Halvarson said...

Sonia - thank you for participating - i love seeing things from your parts

Silverpebble - nice name!and thanks for stopping by!

Margie - colour week wouldn't be the same without you!

la.daridari - so glad this opened up some new blogs for you to visit!

Looking forward to seeing you all come spring colour week!

orange sparrow said...

I love your colour weeks and I am so glad you chose one of my silver photos! Thanks!!

sheila said...

thanks so much for including my image in your lovely curation! shiny = gah! especially love the keys and the claddagh ring :) so much inspiration this week!

NOTyourrunofthemill said...

Love! Love! Colour Week!
Thank you so much for choosing three of my photos this week. What an honour... thanks!

Brigitte said...

these are lovely! I'm glad I found your blog. ;)

Mary said...

Wow, awesome picks! Clicked through quite a few of those to see them closer! It was difficult choosing some images to use- some older b/c the weather's been so nasty here lately! But I would like to include a wider range of colors in my work, so this gives me a little push to experiment! :) thank you, Jan! - Mary

Anonymous said...

thank you so much Jan for such a wonderful week! It was so much fun!

Anne said...

I love your colour weeks! This was another fun and inspiring one. Thank you for that and also for choosing some of my photos. Looking forward to spring colour week already! Have a happy Sunday!

c and d said...

wow! what a beautiful collection of images! beautifully done...can't wait to see more.

Michelle P said...

Your color weeks are the best! So inspiring!