Link Love

I am down for the count today with a nasty bug, so I'm afraid I won't be posting much unless I get a blast of energy. So here's a little link love from around the blogosphere.

Spread the Love, a butter recipe from Maize Hutton (with super cute labels)
A free 2011 Printable Calendar from jeanniejeannie
A Polaroid iPhone Decal.
Wish I was there.
More beautiful new year linens.
In love with film and a year in polaroids.
A winter bedroom update.
Sorry to kill your diet resolutions but, baked donuts are calling.
A delicious Citrus Wallop Fruit Salad
Blair Sligar, Woodworker
And just a few days left of our market!

Jan Halvarson


Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

feel better soon!

We Blog Artists said...

have you tried Oil of Oregano?
Before you crash...come and enter my may make you feel better:-)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Oh no - feel better, Jan. xo

seesaw said...

hope you feel better soon.

Wendy said...

hope you feel better soon!!! :)

anni said...

OU! I must try those paked donuts soon.
Hope u get better soon :) rest is best!

kickpleat said...

Aw, get better soon! Broccoli, lemon + garlic has been my cure this winter for not getting sick. Good luck!

Kathy said...

Feel better!
Eat lots of garlic! It won't make you popular but raw garlic is a great defense against colds!