Easy Weekend Updates from Living Etc.

I splurged this weekend and bought myself the February issue of Living Etc. and ever since, have been like a kid in a candy store. That magazine has got to be one of the best out there, with pages and pages and pages of inspiration. One of my favourite features is "decorating ideas" and this month they've featured 12 weekend updates that are all so good and pretty super easy! Here's a few that I think you'd like. Above: Create a Chateau Worthy Door - by using low tack masking tape to mask out a band around the door frame, paint the band and wall decoration (before fixing to the wall) using matt paint, and then when dry, paint out a small strip along the top for the band and fix the wall decoration in place (they suggest mounting tape like No More Nails®). Paint baseboards in same colour, and if narrower than your band, continue creating the same width of the band.

Install a statement backsplash. Besides absolutely loving these sinks (Urban Basins from Roca) this idea for a backsplash is stunning. By masking off and painting one stripe at a time (make sure paint is dry after each) on a clear acrylic they've created the look of a costly back-painted glass. Be sure to use matt paint and attach the painted side to the wall using adhesive and then seal all around with clear silicone.

Cool Felt Memo Board. These self-adhesive felt tiles (Flok by UK-based Hive) can be built up into a shape and mix of colours that suits your space. I haven't seen anything like these here yet in N. America, but I'm sure they'd be crazy popular. A great idea for a memo board.

Embellish a Mirror. Create straight lines to adhere letters/words to using masking tape, then working left to right, stick on the letters. Use a favourite poem, lyrics to a song, to transfrom into a personal piece of art. Stickers from Brume in the UK.

Bespoke window film of map of Amsterdam (from Surface View).

Jan Halvarson


Jen said...

A good magazine can provide the best inspiration. Great Post.
Jen & Row

Brittany H. said...

Hey these ideas are really neat! I can see myself doing the feltboard and the mirror project. Thanks for sharing!


Ali Rockwell said...

Ooo, I really like that mirror. I'm going to have to keep an eye/ear for favorite lyrics/poems/quotes.

Antoinette Musik said...

Stunning blog, congratulations.



annie said...

i love diy projects. especially the cheapest ones.



awesome ideas...and still one of my fav magazines to splurge on as well.

Elisabeth said...

I especially love the felt memo board--wonder if you could make a diy version of that? Thanks so much for the beautiful pics, the magazine rec, and the inspiration!

Jessica @ Decor Adventures said...

Thanks for posting this. I absolutely must get that window film!