Weekend Project: Light Bulb Terrariums

Just in time for holiday gift giving Etsy's How-To Tuesday features Kimberly Sevilla of Rose Red & Lavender showing us how to create a terrarium out of an old light bulb. FYI: Etsy's videos are all Creative Commons so feel free to post this video or pass it along. (Produced by Tara Young | Animation by Julia Pott | Music by Eric Beug)

Jan Halvarson


Ali Rockwell said...

I am literally obsessed with terrariums. I flip out whenever I see one, and I did just that when I saw the title of this post and then again when I saw the video. They are just so amazingly cute and awesome and... I love them. I would fill my entire house with them if I could!

And I definitely want to make a lightbulb terrarium someday. That has been on my list of things to make for a very long time... some day it will happen!

Catherine said...

I'm with Ms. Rockwell... there's something about these little plant houses that fascinates me too. Great instructions, can't wait to try it out for myself!
- Catherine at The Spring (www.thespringblog.com)