Weekend Project: Creative Wreaths

Felt Ball Wreath DIY from Pickles

This weekend I'm planning on making a wreath for our front door, and as I've been thinking about ours (I'm hoping to use some found driftwood and wool); it seems this year I'm finding so much creative inspiration out there in the wreath department, I now have ideas aplenty!

Update: A Holiday Wreath Segment on House and Home TV!

Felt Ball Wreath DIY from Pickles

Dried Flowers from December's issue of Chatelaine

Recycled Sweaters from December's issue of Chatelaine

Gumdrops from December's issue of Chatelaine

Rock Sugar from December's issue of Chatelaine

Chatelaine photo credit: Roberto Caruso

Jan Halvarson


Modern Country Lady said...

Hi poppytalk!
I love the colours!! You can both ways- all colour or all white.
I made an all-white wreath from discarded recycled materials which turend out great , and was featured on a host blog- check it out if you want!
here is the link:

Erin Alaska said...

I am IN LOVE with the wreath that pickles made! LOVE!!

s. said...

ya know, i've never really given wreaths much thought, but these are actually really cool! i love the felt ball wreath! omg. so fun! i only just started reading your blog and love it! such a big fan already!! yay! :D

la.daridari said...

I love wreaths! These are so inspiring... thank you!
I realized some mini-wreaths with tricotin, have a look to the tutorial on my blog, if you want: http://ladaridari.blogspot.com/2010/11/christmas-tricotin-tutorial.html

Jennifer Young said...

wow!! these are so fun!! thanks for sharing.
i made one recently for my shop out of yarn!


hope you like it :)

Unknown said...

Those wreaths are amazing!

Bantik said...

That felted balls wreath is amazing:> I want try to make one! Mothers and sisters help will be needed I think.

Plantress said...

WELL AREN'T YOU THE CREATIVE ONE!? I have my boring old greens wreath but I would like to fool around with that one made of pom poms. I'll bet it is pretty easy to make.

Danielle said...

The felted ball wreath is WONDERFUL! I want to make one right now :)

Janine Claire Robinson said...

The gumdrops wreath is my favourite! It's so happy and welcoming! Love it.

Jan Halvarson said...

Modern Country Lady - very pretty. and creative!

s. - thanks for visiting and your kind words!

la.daridari - tricotin? i never heard of that word. thanks for enlightening me. your wreaths are beautiful.

jennifer ▲ i art u - pom pom wreath! love it!

Jessica said...

can i just say, thanks for the inspiration! i'm definitely going to try one of these! the gumdrop one though, i think i would be eating one each time i opened the door....

AmyL said...

That felt ball one is amazing!

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

The 2nd picture is the most beautiful wreath that I have ever seen! Can you imagine having that??? Gorgeous!!

I was almost forgetting... Talking about "gorgeous", Heidi Klum and Seal just bought a new house in La. You need to take a look. I think you'd love the Italian rose gardens.


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

kickpleat said...

That felt ball wreath is amaze-balls! Ha! Love it.

Leanns' Vintage said...

that looks super cute, isn't it a lot of work? Probably, haha

Red Red Completely Red said...

Great wreaths! I love the idea of big felt chunks strung together. Round here, we've got a tea wreath this year... absolutely loving it!


Claggie said...

Love these! I love how the colors pop in the first one and I really love the simplicity of the last white one. Very cute.

Bravehearted Beauty {formerly LLH Designs} said...

Wreaths make me happy...especially that felt ball one!
BTW...love my newest checkbook cover!