Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Hindsvik

Contributor post by Hindsvik

Vintage Style book by Piet Swimberghe from Amazon

Our gift guide for the holidays mixes both vintage and modern elements! And the best part... you can skip the malls and buy everything thing you need right here online, and you're supporting small business and designers!

Cookie Tray from Mjolk

This modern cookie tray is a perfect gift for the host/hostess! It has a simple shape and looks great with any decor!

Vintage blanket from Hindsvik

Plain Paper notes from Field Notes

Field Notes are small enough to make a great stocking stuffer or part of a gift!

Ferm-Living Plywood Animals from Huset Shop

Grass Vase from Mjolk

We love the shape and concept of this vase. Looks great with plant life in it, or just as is!

Antique Pocket Flask from Hindsvik

Up Cutting Board from Fine Little Day

Cute kitchen gifts are always on the top of our lists!

Painting Pillows from Wary Meyers

Woven Coasters from Hindsvik

Edblad & Co Bottle Opener from Huset Shop

This Swedish, Elk shaped bottle opener is made of sand casted aluminum and leather. Perfect for opening that holiday bottle of wine!

Vintage Cameras from Hindsvik

Hope you liked our Holiday Gift Guide and we'll see you next week with more!

- Daniel and Valeria of Hindsvik

Jan Halvarson


Nathalie said...

these are great ideas, thanks! it is enlightening to realize how shopping habits affect people and communities.

Pinecone Camp said...

Love your list! I need to check out your blanket. Skipping malls is definitely a must-do this time of year (anytime of year, really).

Unknown said...

I LOVE the cushion!!!

Unknown said...

love vintage cameras!

terri planty said...

i am in love with the wary myers pillow and the grass vase. i want.