Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Pinecone Camp

Ahh, it's Christmas shopping time. Janis here, from Pinecone Camp. I have to admit, it can cause slight stress for me as I usually go shopping with nothing in mind, to face massive crowds all doing the same thing. The shopping trip usually ends up in a hotel bar (which I thoroughly enjoy), with no shopping done whatsoever. When Jan asked if I could come up with a list of 10-12 gift ideas, I had to say yes. It's made me come up with a list of ideas for friends and family, and a bit of a wish list for me as well. I thank you Jan!

I'm a huge fan of Bison Pottery from Australia. Their colours are gorgeous, really beautiful shapes, and the price is right. They ship everywhere, fyi. I'll be in Melbourne for Christmas, so I plan on making a trip to Bison. This is my own vase, above, but check out their site for the wide range of colours and styles.

Rescued Paper Notebooks by Sukie are perfect for jotting down ideas, 'to-do' lists, doodling when you should be working, etc. They can also be found in Vancouver, at Orling and Wu. The image, above, was taken at Orling and Wu.

I have a bit of an obsession with Totem Poles, so I was pretty pleased to find these Totem Cups, by Rob Southcott, I believe.  They can be found in Vancouver at Old Faithful where I took this picture, and on line here.

Ok, I know. Here's another Totem find - Totem Pole cupcake molds by Kikkerland. I love baking, and I know a few others that do to. I really want to make a stack of Totem Pole cupcakes now.

Love these necklaces, by Becoming. I really do need to "believe in the future" more than I do. This would be the perfect gift for the jaded and cynical, on your shopping list. They can also be found at Walrus, here in Vancouver.

Hanging terrariums still have it. I found these ones here in Vancouver, again, at Old Faithful. Image found here.

Love the colours of these happy "o clock" watches, made in Italy. Great price at $39 and they come packaged in a reusable tin can. Found in Vancouver at Walrus and here.

Kate, at Tiny Warbler, makes these adorable stuffed creatures. The hippo is my favourite.

"Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk" is the name of David Sedaris' new book. Want it. His books have kept me laughing, when I should have been sleeping. His sister, Amy Sedaris, is pretty fantastic as well.

 For a new baby I know. I found these cute mobiles, by Baby Jives at Poppytalk Handmade. So sweet, and it something that you'd hang onto long after the baby stage.

Plan Canada has some fantastic ideas for gifts. I've got a certain goat loving person in mind for this. A great cause.  You can help plant a mango tree in a school yard, give the gift of reading with a 'library in a box', and so many more gift ideas.

Last but not least, is a "symbolic adoption" at World Wildlife Fund. I've been thinking I might just order a couple of these. I love this idea.

That's my list. Hope you've found it helpful.  If you need a list of good hotel bars in Vancouver, just let me know. Happy shopping!

Jan Halvarson


Allison said...

OMG I have the totem mugs but totem cupcakes sounds amazing. One more thing to add to my christmas list!

lisaroy said...

great finds! loving the watch and the totem cups :)

Claggie said...

Such a great list! I love how creative these things are. The symbolic adoption is really cute :)

Also, I put a few Poppytalk Handmade items on my holiday gift idea post! I hope that's ok! Here's the post:


c and d said...

we love you janis!
love the totem cupcake molds too!! that is so good.

Novi On The Go said...

These are great picks Janis, thank you! I love the idea of Plan Canada, for a few years now we've requested our Christmas gifts to be in the form of donations for others. Helping others is a wonderful way to celebrate the season.

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

love these ideas, thank you for helping me out this year!

the totems and terrariums are my faves. who knew those cupcake molds existed?! incredibly good. ♥

Jan Halvarson said...

Yeah those kikkerland totem pole cupcake molds are on my "find" list!

Rambles with Reese said...

Janis, these are brilliant Christmas ideas! I miss shopping in Vancouver during the holiday season. Italy isn't quite the same. And I totally agree with you. The breaks in bars and cafes are the best!

p.s. love the totempole cups!

Unknown said...

oh I LOVE totem poles, thanks for posting these! Also - thanks a ton for sharing my Dec. wallpaper with your readers!:o)
Have a fantastic Holiday season!

Robert Edmonds said...

Great list! It's really got me thinking!!!
Walrus here I come ; )

Jahje Ives said...

I love those totem mugs - they are on my shopping list, esp since our mugs are always needing to be stacked due to lack of cabinet space. And thanks for sharing my lovebirds with everyone!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I love all of Janis' picks! I really need to get my hands on a David Sedaris book...I have yet to read one, but I hear they're hilarious!