40% Off at xo, azuree!

Some awesome holiday deals to be had this week here at Poppytalk, starting off with xo, azuree who is offering Poppytalk readers a whopping 40% discount on everything in her shop this last week she's with us at Poppytalk Handmade. Use code xopoppy at checkout in her etsy shop here! Stay tuned for more!

Jan Halvarson


Justine said...

Thats so cute and I know exactly who to give something like that too!! Hmmm would be a late Christmas gift by the time it gets here but so worth it!! Thanks for the amazing discount!

What a find!

our little love nest said...

That sounds wonderful but for some reason the link isn't working for me. :(

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks I have fixed the link.

Unknown said...


Send me a convo on Etsy and we can work something out for it to get to you on time. If you purchase it today I can include your package in my trip to the post office so it will be on it's way to you tomorrow!