2010 Most Influential (Part Three)


Colour seemed to be everywhere this year and we were inspired by the Let's Colour Project by French paint company, Dulux Valentine. Vibrant hues of colour filled cities around the world inspiring us all to bring more colour back into our lives. More inspiration was found via the street artists and graffiti writers of the world (by the spectacular global street art site Eckosystem- below). Click here to see more.

Beautiful Terrariums

Terrariums just got better and even more beautiful this year, like these white sand terrariums by Litill.
(Notice the air plants, succulents and cacti).

The Backyard Summer House

With the popularity of the "staycation", we found a fair amount of backyard summer houses gracing the pages of magazines and their websites this year. Loved this one from designer Jean Oddes who brilliantly installed two black painted garden sheds (to face each other) via marieclairemaison.com. Click here to see more. Photo credit: Vincent Leroux/Temps Machine.

Gingham, Checks and Plaids

Napkins from Fog Linen (Photo credit: Scout Magazine)

We loved seeing the gingham, checks and plaids and especially in the Fog Linen brand of napkins (these from Old Faithful here in Vancouver).

Retro Lighting

Lighting from Old Faithful (Photo credit: Scout Magazine)

Retro lighting was at the forefront this year as lighting choices, and we especially loved the industrial-themed ones like these (top) from Old Faithful and from Wo & Wé out of France.

Chalkboard Walls

Chalkboard walls still hung around in 2010, and were updated by painting entire rooms, and adding fun semi-permanent drawings, like these frames from Anthropologie or the home of Victoria of Sfgirlbybay (Photos from Rue Magazine andAnthropologie).

Bright Ideas

Fluorescent colours of pink and purple sprinkled our lives this summer bringing cheer and happiness to rooms, jewelry and even banners! Click here to see more.

The Art of the Display

It's amazing the creative ways people continue to display art. We've always tried to write about those we see that inspire us in our "The Art of the Display" posts, and this one featured in the July '10 issue of Livingetc from the home of Suzanne Dutton was more to add to the list using vintage postcards and japanese washi tapes. Click here to read the post.


Decoupage showed itself a little more this year, we loved the how-to's from Style at Home and ReadyMade magazines along with personal projects such as Cori Kindred's bike makeover.
(From top: ReadyMade, bike makeover, Style at Home)

Stay tuned for Part 4. Click here for all parts so far.
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Jan Halvarson


Fiona Cartolina said...

Really nice. I'm still in love with all things 'chalk board'.

Jan Halvarson said...

Fiona, me too! : )

bettie said...

Lovely post. And I love the chalkboard room!

me said...

It's so true about the chalkboard - seen it and want it myself. And the decoupage - beautiful :)

Thank you for a super sum up!

kara rane said...

a big believer in color!
hi 5 to the "Lets Colour Project"-inspiring.

veronica tm said...

love all these posts! i have to say though, that i decoupaged a chair for my little girl in that very style of patchwork in 2007, hadn't seen one before. you can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/veronicatm/999381277/in/set-72157594178323968/

Jan Halvarson said...

Veronica - oh i think that link doesn't work, but i think i found it anyway - one of those S chairs? looks awesome!

veronica tm said...

thank you, jan for taking the time to look. here is a link to my blog post, maybe this one works: http://petunia.typepad.com/petunia/2007/08/the-before-and-.html i am still very happy about how that chair turned out.

Genevieve said...

Quite ambitious to decoupage a bike...but what a cool result! (Wonder what I have around here that I could decoupage?)