2010 Most Influential (Part Four)

Hotel Style

So many of the boutique hotels these days have spaces to be inspired by. We did a post this past July featuring some of our favourites. Visit it here.

Collecting Nature


We were inspired by the collecting nature pool over at flickr this summer. So many beautiful finds. Above: by Marta Miguel Martinez-Soria.




Brightly painted pieces of driftwood by Ginette Lapalme were a huge inspiration for us.  We first saw them over at designformankind.com.   They reminded us of these and were an inspiration to make these.  Bottom photo by Janis Nicolay.

House Tours

Living Room

We are all hugely inspired and intrigued by house tours, and never can get enough of them.  We love to see how others live and how uniquely they decorate.  Click here to see all the house tours we posted this year.  (Above) from Bodie and Fou, France and home of artist Geninne Zlatkis, Mexico.

Playful Staircases

A rainbow staircase, what more can I say.

Bow Ties


In July we spotted bow-ties in Montreal at  Headquarters Boutique + Gallerie  and  in San Francisco,
Something's Hiding in Here launched their bow tie line FORAGE at the Curiousity Shoppe.  We love them.

Blue + White

Blues and whites made their inspirational appearances.  Photo via Livingetc.

Weekend Projects


Picture 10

We love hunting down or creating weekend projects.  Little DIYs that are small enough to make in an afternoon or weekend.  (Above)  aqui pelo campo and Home Depot.

Rustic Wood + White

Rustic recycled wood mixed with whites was a look that I fell hard for this fall.  The wood sort of tones down the high gloss modern look, making a more cosy and inviting space.  This one was featured in Elle Decoration (UK) via Bright Bazaar.  See our post about it here.

Handmade Weddings

DIY weddings are the ultimate romantic way to tie the knot.  I could look for days at weddings like the one we featured this fall that took place on the Isle of Wright.  Artemis Russell and Nao Utsumi (whom you may know of from The Bucket Tree, their jewelry shop Rust or their blog Tales of a Junkaholic) did everything themselves from their rings to the decor of their meadow reception.  If you missed this post, it's a must see. Visit here to see!


Labels are such a cheap and easy way to update a look.  From canning jars to journals, there are so many uses, and our favourite is when we saw a post over at Ohdeedoh on how to make custom hardcover books out of old paperbacks using cotton fabric and some labels I made as a free downloadable last year.  The clever, Katie Steuernagle printed my labels directly onto fabric-covered cardstock, and then proceeded to cover the book. Click here to get all of the directions and here to access my labels.

The Photography of Jenilee Marigomen

Inspiration from BC photographer, Jennilee Marigomen. She captures a mood so well with this series. Click here to see more.

Recycled Yardstick Surfaces

Fun and affordable, we love the idea of using wooden yardsticks and/or rulers for a "recycled surface" idea! The first time I saw this idea in person was here in Vancouver at Spool of Thread. Owners Lili Nedved and Henry Sinha created a stunning front desk using zillions of them (150 yardsticks in total).  And we're saving the stairway clipping as an idea for our own steps from Victoria interior design company, Inoui Design.  See post here.

Vintage Signage

Sadly signs like the one above are going by the wayside.  Like any major city that is developing and modernizing, everyday some of these precious pieces and like hand painted signage, are starting to vanish.  Luckily though there are a few talented and caring people who are trying to change that, or re-create this dying art.  One of them is Mr. Sign, Dave Arnold out of Montreal who is embracing the classic look of a hand painted sign, and the folks from Puces POP featured an interview about him on our blog this fall.  Click here to read.  New Navarino sign (Montreal) photo by Magalie L'Abbé

Stay tuned for Part 5. Click here for all parts so far.

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Jan Halvarson


Laura Evans said...

so many wonderful ideas but i'm loving that over the door shelf ... quick, simple & styalish ...

kara rane said...

hand painted signs rule! & proven to be very effective for increasing customers, sales and beauty.

Unknown said...

Beautiful inspiration! I'm particularly smitten with the painted driftwood.