Will Bryant Solo Show: Stuff I've Seen

Will Bryant's solo exhibition at Land Gallery in Portland, OR was reported back as a success! "Portland's finest showed up we were told and treated him like family." The show titled, "Stuff I've Seen" was a collection of new work inspired by a nostalgic soaked youth influenced by Michael Jordan, Pogs, Space Jam, Chuck Norris, in addition to wild shapes and pattern. Will was fortunate to meet so many wonderful people and connect in "real life" with several long time internet friends. The show ran November 5th to the 14th. Photos from the opening by Pat Castaldo and a (previously posted) video made by Aaron of FortPort!

Pieces from the show are available at buyolympia.com and schoolsupplies.gotopublicschool.com

Jan Halvarson


Lil said...

Hi, I jut stumbled on your advent calendar post back in 2008 and thought you might be interested in this? http://www.freeadventcalendar.blogspot.com

I'd appreciate it if you would take a look, thank you :o)

jamie.rizzotte said...

where oh where can you get the long live the 90's poster?! my husband would love it!!

Will_Bryant said...

jamie, thanks so much for your interest! Unfortunately it's not a print, the original watercolor + ink piece sold at the show. However, it seems that there have been several inquires which means I should make a print!