Walrus & Fieldwork

front window display by FIELDWORK

Today I got the chance to finally check out Walrus, a super-cute shop in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver with my friend, Janis of Pinecone Camp. Located near the corner of Cambie and 18th, the shop is filled with gorgeous wares and at all different price points. Look for pieces from local and Canadian artists, such as ceramics by Paige Russell and jewelry by Alex Henderson of Henderson Dry Goods. They also carry some of my favourite American artist's such as Yellow Owl Workshop and Poketo and new to me pieces such as beautiful wooden cheese boards by pension fuer produkte from Germany.

They often have art exhibitions as well and today they were preparing for the folks from FIELDWORK to move in for an opening this evening. FIELDWORK is a collaborative group of designers in Vancouver making things and telling stories. We loved what they did to the front display window and you can find out more about them here. Opening, Thursday, November 18th, 2010 (6 -9 pm)

Walrus, 3408 Cambie St, corner of 18th, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8 +1.604.874.9770

pension fuer produkte from germany

poketo wallets and yellow owl workshop stamps

display by FIELDWORK

Jan Halvarson


Nicole said...

Walrus looks like a nice place to visit. I really like the lighting that is within the shelves on the right side of the store. And that collection of little terrariums.

christina said...

great!! does fieldwork specialize in installations? this is so wonderful!

Momichka said...

The shop looks awesome. I love their window display.

Jess said...

That looks like a very delicious store! So many goodies!

paige russell said...

Thanks for sharing your day Jan! I probably wouldn't have seen the display featuring my little guys if you hadn't posted this! xo

Jessica said...

so much nice stuff!

Pinecone Camp said...

It was fun to hang out with you at Walrus! They have so much great stuff and a wide range of price points. It's the perfect place to find a unique, and affordable, gift. Love them.

Jeff Werner said...

@Christina: why yes, yes we do specialize in installations [I'm a Fieldworker, by the way].