Poppytalk Handmade Gift Guide: The Woodland Princess

In case you missed my gift guide over at Etsy yesterday, here's another segment, more can be seen here.

1. Meow Mitts by Tiny Owls Magic Attic
2. Little Mushie Terrarium Kit by Cori Kindred
3. Patent Leather Carry Case by French & English Confectioner's
4. Forever Cupcake and Stand Set by Small Stump
5. Red Cedar Mixed Media Piece by Cori Kindred
6. Hand felted Dahlia Flower Brooch (White) by JurgitaMi

Jan Halvarson


Jamie-Lynn said...

I love those Meow Mitts!

Laura said...

Cori Kindred's mixed media piece is delightful! I would love to have something like that adorning my walls. Thanks for sharing these great handmade gift ideas!

our little love nest said...

This is so pretty and fun! The sweetest gift guide I have seen this year. LOVE!