Poppytalk Handmade Gift Guide: Pour Le Bébé

1. Organic Alphabet Blocks, Little Sapling Toys
2. Polar Bear Print, The English Muffin Shop
3. Feather onesie, Coucou Salut
4. Wood alphabet, Bookhou
5. Organic Sapling Stacker, Little Sapling Toys
6. Pouf en Lin, Les Petites Emplettes
7. Les Petites Emplettes Sheep's Mobile, Smallable
8. Alphabet Pillow, Pillowfactory

9. Paperpod Cardboard Fort Castle, Smallable
10. Stuffed Plush Owl, Olbapi
11. Girl's Personalized Patent Leather Tote Bag, French English Confectioner's
12. Sirch Sibis Villa Doll House, Smallable
13. Five Birds Told Me Mobile, Baby Jives
14. B is for Boombox, Finny & Zook
15. Baby Barolo Cocoon Sleeping Bag, Smallable
16. Ferm Living Cushions, Smallable

Jan Halvarson


Piia H. said...

Loving the Les Petites Emplettes Sheep's Mobile,so cute!

Jordana @ White Cabana said...

Isn't the Smallable sleeping bag just so friggen snuggly!? I adore it...and kind of want one for myself!

Lady Grey said...

Such fabulous picks! That baby sleeping bag is beyond adorable!

Jan Halvarson said...

I think we should all get ourselves one of those sleeping bags and have a long winter's nap!

: )