Poppytalk Handmade Gift Guide: The Festive Dude

1. Road Trip Journal, Montclair Made
2. Upcycled Vintage Wool Pillow, Brin and Nohl
3. Leather iPad Case, Julie Boyles
4. Debonair Tie, Field Guided
5. Urbanears Plattan Headset, Urbanears.com
6. Eco-Retro Desk Clock Radio, Vector Cloud
7. Egg Nog Gumballs, Fred Flare
8. Nike SB Huntsman Jacket, Goods Seattle
9. Surfer Card, (Ridiculousness), Dani Press
10. Ansco Shur Shot Vintage Camera, The Arthur

Jan Halvarson


Simply Colette said...

Love the roadtrip journal! Perfect gift for one participating in our PHOTOgraphy Getaway!



b said...

dude gifts are always a challenge! thanks for the ideas!

designchic said...

Great iPad Case, now I just need to get him the iPad...Happy Thanksgiving!!

artsy ant said...

First I thought there was nothing for my hubby... but then I saw the EGG NOG GUM BALLS! Thanks! You're the best!

greenbeenfood said...

egg nog gumballs!? wow

Anonymous said...

For really amazing woodsy dude finds go to woolwoodandwhiskey.com. Lovely stuff for lovely men!