New Nando Costa: Letterpress Portrait Series

Some sweet letterpress action happening in Nando Costa's world as of late with his Letterpress Portrait Series entitled "Memories of an Escapist". The series is an homage to artists which have been key to his understanding of various aspects of the art field throughout his career.

Nando is a Director and Graphic Designer (born in Brazil, living in Portland) working on such recent projects such as Nintendo of America "Kirby's Epic Explosion" (with Superfad), Modest Mouse's Whale Song (check this Behind the Scenes clip), and Absolut Vodka, to name just a few.

The images above show the portraits in the following order: Hieronymus Bosch, Lygia Clark, Maurits Cornelis Escher, Wassily Kandinsky, Stephen and Timothy Quay (Brothers Quay) and Bill Viola. The prints were produced locally by the people of Keegan Meegan. Check them out in his Etsy shop here.

Nando on the internet:


Jan Halvarson


Pinecone Camp said...

Love these! I'm going to pass this along to Rob - he'll love 'em too.
The red face with purple is my favourite.

Jan Halvarson said...

You have an amazing eye Janis. He's one of my favourite artists ever.

lizzie said...

oh my...this is incredibly inspiring. you have such a great eye...really a great find.