Kelly Deck Spotlights the Handmade

Canadian Interior Designer and Globe and Mail columnist, Kelly Deck wrote a good article about hand-crafted design online this past week in her column Hand-crafted design within easy reach. Referring to handmade, Deck mentions how "intimacy exists between one and one, not one and many" and how impersonal and unfulfilling it can be buying from big box stores.

Cool she mentions Poppytalk and one of our vendors this month, Comma Workshop. If you haven't had a chance yet to see Kerry's handmade quillts yet, they are truly beautiful and modern, and as Kelly states, "they make quilts – but not the patched, violently colourful quilts of my grandmother's generation. Using just cloth and thread, Comma strips the craft to its rudiments". She stitches prose across the surface, using poems such as "Three Blind Mice" or "Striped Dogs Howl". Visit Comma Workshop here or here.

Thanks to Kelly for shining a spotlight on the handmade! Be sure to check out; it's flowing with inspiration!

Jan Halvarson

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Sonya - Lil'Soak + Friends said...

i love quilts with words. so simple. I'm definitely going to check out the comma workshop and congrats poppytalk on the globe and mail mention!