Hula Seventy: Fall Polaroid Week

Jodi McKee

It's Fall 'Roid Week over at Flickr and there's so much goodness in the pool I can't help but share a few of my favorites. I know, I know-- it seems like I just shared favorites from Spring 'Roid Week but that's time for you, people. And you know what they say about time. It flies.

Chloe Aftel

Erin Power

Dream Dottie

The Gentlemen Amateur



I think what I love most about 'Roid Week is seeing all the different cameras and instant films people use-- from expired polaroid to fuji instax to the exciting new instant films from The Impossible Project, there's no end to the variety. And there's no end to the inspiration.

Jan Halvarson


Hege said...

That was some beautiful pictures, I see that I have much to learn :-)

{twiggs} said...

these are really beautiful... i heart those purple socks!!! :) must do something like that! i don't own any polaroid... just a lomo camera and that is enough to say i LOVE film!!!!!!! and asides from loving digital and drooling over a canon 5d... lomo... film cameras are just magical and create movie scenes with the randomness of our lives! :) take care! twiggs

jodi said...

awww, thanks so much for posting one of my photos andrea!! quite a surprise to be scrolling through poppytalk and seeing it staring back at me.

'roid week has been a blast, hasn't it?? SO GOOD.

erin power said...

andrea! this had made my day! thank you soooo much. i'm such a fan of your work. xoxoxo

futurowoman said...

Wow, thank you so much! I am really honored, as this is one of the most personal and special polaroids I've ever shared. <3

andrea said...

thanks so much, all!

jodi, erin and futurowoman-- thanks for being such awesome polaroid photographers! had to share your talents with poppytalk readers! xo