Hindsvik: Vintage Typewriters

Hi There, it's Daniel and Valeria here from Hindsvik Shop. We love using vintage typewriters for both writing and display and wanted to show you some of our favorite vintage typewriters we've had on our shop in the past!

1960's Tom Thumb President Typewriter

1960's Smith Corona Typewriter

1930's Remington Model 16 Typewriter

Children's Western Stamping Corp Typewriter

1960's Smith Corona Typewriter

1970's Olivetti Typewriter

For more photos and resources on vintage typewriters check out these links:

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

Love them- really want a pink one!

Julie said...

there really is something about a vintage typewriter, isn't there? I'm really drawn to the teal coloured ones.

Sam | ashore said...

Love typewriters! I have a turquoise hermes 30000, I'm always thankful that my favorite color made it's appearances in my favorite era. I feel like Joan Holloway every time I use it

The Vintagist said...

My dad had an Olivetti one, used until the 90s. I still remember the incredible noise and the funny fonts of different kind of black, he did not change the ink tape very often. ;)

Today, it would be very cool to write something with it...maybe the next complaining letter for the tax office! :D