Hindsvik: Neorustica by Jahara Studio

Contributor post by Hindsvik

Brazilian Designer Brunno Jahara of Jahara Studio created this beautiful collection of furniture made of brightly colored discarded scrap wood strips.

The collection is an homage to Brazil's rural traditions and culture and each piece is named after a Rio de Janeiro shanty town.

The bright colors and scrap wood symbolizes the living conditions of people that moved from the countryside into big cities searching for a better life (i.e improvised homes made of scrap.)

The collections also includes tables, desks and benches painted white with slivers of raw wood showing through. Each piece is finished with a laminate made of recycled PET bottles and non toxic paint.

We love the contrast of the old dark wood with the rustic tops in these storage cabinets.

Jahara teamed up with a furniture factory which specializes in working with wood leftover from construction and demolition sites. The factory is now launching NDT BRAZIL, an international brand committed to working in a sustainable and design-concious way.

Hope you liked this beautiful collection of furniture and we'll see you next week with more!

-Daniel and Valeria of Hindsvik

Jan Halvarson

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Pinecone Camp said...

Great post. I love his work. That desk is especially beautiful.
Now to do a little shopping at Hindsvik!