Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide Series: Will Bryant

Today we're really excited to share with you the first of our Contributor's Holiday Gift Guide! It's fun to see what they all come up with, and our first, Will Bryant's is nothing but rad!

Contributor post by Will Bryant

Happy Holidays, folks! Here's my take on what you should be picking up for that special person in your life, most likely the man/brother/crazy uncle you're trying to find the perfect gift for.

I'm currently searching for a new pocket knife and came across this amazing Roose Bone Handle Knife this week. I love the story that comes with it as well.

This woven waxed twill Archival Clothing Rucksack would look sharp under the tree. You could wear it empty or fill it with your stuff!

Honestly, any print by Sonnenzimmer would make an amazing gift. I especially love this abstract poster for a Chicago art exhibition "Let there be Geo" that featured work from Jeff Canham, Maya Hayuk, Cody Hudson, and more.

From my days in Boy Scouts I developed an interest in Native American culture. Drinking from these ceramic Totem Cups would make any beverage better.

This leather stitchedPresent & Correct Homework Pencil Pocket is just what someone who is obsessed with pens and pencils needs. It also comes with schedule sheets to list your appointments! #organized

What better way to cope with spending too much money during the holidays than by looking at another person's Obsessive Consumption! Ha, this book by my dear friend Kate is filled with her personable line drawings that tell a story in full color.

My wife and I love blankets. This rad collaboration between Geoff McFetridge x Standard Blanket is the bees knees. Geoff is one of my all time favorite makers in the whole world. If you're in search of more blankets you should peek at the wonders created by Pendleton.

Antoine Dodson showing up in your stocking might seem strange, but this Hide Yo' Kids Mug would be a huge hit.

Andy Smith's "I Pretend to Work" print should be on any designer's list. It's available through the Soma Gallery.

Living in Texas you have to own cowboy boots, I just happen to own them as house slippers. I received a pair of Cowboy Kickers last year and have thoroughly enjoyed laughing at my feet every evening.

For additional gift ideas you should totally check out the guide by Svpply and the Official Clifton Burt 2010 Holiday Guide for the Male Humans in Your Life.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

OMG. That coffee mug is HYSTERICAL! Must have for work.

Anonymous said...

The Archival Clothing link goes to the Pendleton Woolen Mill site.

katebingburt said...

LOVE IT! also: thanks for the book shout (doesn't pat castaldo at land take fetching photos?)


Anonymous said...

Oooh lots of absolutely fab gift ideas. Won't be short of ideas this holiday season. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Heres the link for the rucksack:

Love that bag! Great round-up!

Nancy M said...

this is one of the best gift lists i've seen!

Jan Halvarson said...

Those slippers are so fun! I love the idea of laughing at one's own feet!

Great list Will!

Will_Bryant said...

thanks everyone! I had a great time making my list. Thrilled to hear that others have enjoyed it.

I apologize for the link issues, they should be corrected now...thanks to Jan!

Kate, pat DOES take fetching photos and i just love your book.

Anonymous said...

Haha, those slippers are wicked funny! ; )

LindseyBee said...

I LOVE her book! A friend bought it for me as a gift & it's definitely one of those books you look through when you need to either A. feel inspired, B. feel better about being a consumer:)

Our Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

Love the knife tip. I buy a knife for my dad every year. He'll like that. :)